So you want to represent your Latino heritage in the Greatest Game of All?

So you want to represent your Latino heritage in the Greatest Game of All?

Recently there have been a few inconsistencies circulated about our upcoming events.

This message is to clarify what we have upcoming, when training is, what’s planned for the future and what (if any) fees need to be paid.


  • Younger than 16yrs 8mths at Sept 30 – We have a series of Oztag games for Latino on Saturday, September 30 at Liverpool All Saints. The games will be played at 2.30pm, 4.30pm and 6.55pm in between our senior men’s fixtures. There is no cost to participate. You should wear a dark pair of shorts and football boots if you have them. Fluoro bibs and tags will be provided to play in. Ideally suited to ages 12+. All players covered by insurance at training and on gameday.
  • Older than 16yrs 8mths at Sept 30 and want to play full-contact: There are three games on September 30 at Liverpool All Saints. If you have heritage from Uruguay, El Salvador or Chile, you can trial to be a part of their national squads on the day. If you have heritage in another South or Central American nation, we have the Latin Heat Development team playing which encompasses all these nations (ie Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Guyana etc). It is important to note that all these teams are BY SELECTION, so simply nominating does not guarantee a place. If you are relatively new to rugby league, we suggest trying for the Latin Heat Development Team. Playing kits are provided on the day, but must be handed back to use for our next event. We will have some spare jerseys at our merchandise tent which players on the day can purchase for the wholesale price of $50 if they want a memento. All players are covered by insurance at training and gameday. Kick-off times are: 3pm – Latin Heat Development v South East Asia (ASEAN). 5.15pm – Chile v Thailand. 7.30pm – Uruguay v El Salvador.
  • Old enough to play seniors, but don’t want to play tackle: Not a problem. Feel free to join in the Oztag matches with the younger players at the times listed above. All players covered by insurance at training and on gameday.
  • Female players: All female players are also eligible to feature in the Oztag matches. We hope to have full-contact fixtures available for women in the future, if that is what you are after. All players covered by insurance at training and on gameday.

>> Please let us know which team you intend to play for by responding to the email address 


  • Live in QLD – 10am Sunday at Brothers St Brendans, Tramore St, Rocklea (all ages)
  • NSW and want to play for Uruguay – 3pm Sunday, Heber Park, Hebersham.
  • Any other Latino nationality and age – 7pm Friday , Liverpool All Saints, Hillier Oval, Memorial Ave, Liverpool.


  • Oct 14 will see our Latin Heat Elite team play Africa United (men’s). This squad will be selected from the best players on Sep 30. Players identified in this squad will be front of mind for the Emerging Nations World Championship in Australia in November 2018. Those who miss out will still have a chance to impress in games next year, and selection on Oct 14 doesn’t guarantee selection for ENWC, but is a big step towards it.
  • If we have sufficient junior players attend on September 30 for Oztag, we will look at organising a Latin Heat junior team to play a 13-a-side game in late October versus international opposition. Due to depth and budgetary concerns, we will not enter junior teams in Harmony Cup this year, but intend to in 2018. 
  • Next year – We are expecting to participate in the Cabramatta International Nines in late January/early February, and stage Latino Origin as a further selection trial for the Emerging Nations World Cup, possibly expanding to a 3-game series (one game February, another June, another September). At these events we will look to incorporate junior and female fixtures if there is sufficient demand.


  • You may have heard about the historic Latin American Rugby League Championships being held in Chile on November 17-18 of this year. This is a massive event for several reasons, because we will bring together teams from Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico for a full RLIF-sanctioned tournament played on a 13-a-side basis and for international rankings points. At the moment there are about a dozen of us from Australia going across – some to play, some to volunteer as coaches and officials, some to have a holiday with a meaningful purpose. If you are interested in any of these aspects, please communicate with us ASAP so we can assist and perhaps reserve you a place. Please note that all flights are self-funded, but there are several good sales on at the moment. If you are the generous type and would like to contribute to the substantial cost for players living in Latin America, you can do so via this link:


  • If you plan on representing Latin Heat in any RLIF sanctioned matches we need to see proof that you, a parent or a grandparent were born in a Central or South American country. This can come in the form of a birth certificate, national ID card, passport, marriage certificate or other legally binding document. We will ask you for a copy of one of these. Saying “I think my grandma has some Spanish in her” or something similar will be met with the response “Cool story hermano”. We need the documented proof.



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