This Week Wear #RedTapeAgainstRacism

RUGBY LEAGUE players and fans from all backgrounds are being urged to strap their boots and sleeves with red tape this week in a sign of solidarity #RedTapeAgainstRacism.

The call-to-action comes after Rugby League coach Juan Jasso – born in the USA with Mexican and American Indian heritage – was filmed being racially abused on a tram in England this week.

A sports lecturer who has lived in the UK for 18 years, Mr Jasso was on his way to work in Manchester when he was called a “f***ing little immigrant” and told to “get back to Africa”.

Watch the video HERE.

Mr Jasso currently coaches with Latin American Rugby League (Latin Heat), Manchester Rangers and the Global Rugby League Academy, and previously was a development coach for the London Broncos.shutterstock_88172176

He was recently player-coach of the first Latin American team to play in the northern hemisphere, at the USARL Nines in Philadelphia in May.

As a stance of non-violent solidarity, people of all nationalities and races associated with the sport of Rugby League are asked to.

  1. Strap their boots and/or sleeves with red tape when playing, attending or watching Rugby League matches this week.
  2. Play and spectate in a disciplined manner within the spirit of the game.
  3. Upload photos of their support to social media using the hashtag #RedTapeAgainstRacism and tag in @LatinHeatRL

Furthermore, people are urged to be conscious of inequality in all its forms when living their daily lives.